The MTN television commercial for the recently activated Number Portability Scheme, for the first time, does have some ‘interesting’ messages in it.

Here’s a brief  pointer

We all know Saka the comedian, aka  Hafiz Oyetoro, he appears to be the ambassador for this campaign. Yet we remember his popularity and dedication to the Etisalat brand of which it seemed his loyalty to that brand was unquestionable.

In this commercial, he is systematically unveiled as he sings the theme song, with emphasis (to my mind) on ‘I don port o… to MTN. One would be certain his Etisalat days are over. Yet thinking about the message being passed across by this commercial, it clearly demonstrates how number portability enables him to ‘dump’ Etisalat 90 days later, due to unsatisfactory services (or contract terms) and port in with MTN.

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* Next, judging by the speed with which advert was released, MTN takes the bull by the horns, confident that this scheme is more favorable to them more than their competitors. How long and how mcuh did it  take for MTN took to woo Mr. Saka for this we may never know.

Watch the ad and laugh.


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