Nigeria ArtThe Business Aims Innovation and design vertical focuses on highlighting the best examples of art, design and innovation. We see these three elements as the key to everything in the world as we know it. In the series Art by Design, we are showcasing the works of creative and artistic individuals.

Todays works are by dexterous and skillful lad named Shofela Coker. Born in Lagos, Nigeria but now lives in San Diego, US, Shofs skills range from illustrating, character design, digital sculpting amongst others.

His favorite tools are Pencil and paper, Photoshop and Zbrush. In the past Shof has wrked with companies like Robomodo LLC, Sony Online Entertainment, Benthos Studios, West Studio. AJK Films- Liyana the Movie. Presently he works for Coker CoOp.

Shof loves drawing and sculpting, but primarily thinks of himself as a storyteller. Naturally, my minds eye and stories manifest in these forms. Creating projects with images is a manner in which I share thoughts, stories and experiences with the world and hopefully a meaningful dialogue he says.

Shof wanted to be an architect when he was a teenager and before then still he wanted to be an archaeologist. Although he cannot imagine a different life, the two early interests still remain with him.

He tries to draw inspiration from eclectic sources. From my natural surroundings, I like to sketch environments and
people in a moleskine notepad. Stories from people I meet and the usual suspects like comics, film, and animation. I have a few artists that I refer to a lot. My father, Peter Coker is one of them (he is a painter). Artists such as Alex Toth, Miyazaki, Heinrich Kley, etc. I also appreciate architecture and design as well, he says.

His works have brought him many awards, his short film Iwa. won him the 2009 Indie Memphis Special Jury Award for Visual Storytelling. Some of the games Ive worked on like Planetside 2 at SOE have won awards at videogame conventions like E3 and Gamescon,and PAX Shof says.

Shofs works are futuristic, enchanting and tell great tales, our favorite are the Hover Okada and the Ekologue series which you will see when you scroll down.

Outcasts of Jupiter, Cover

The cover for Outcasts of Jupiter. A comic Shof and his brother, Shobo are developing.  Done with Photoshop.

Outcasts of Jupiter, Kebbah

Visual Development illustration for a city in the book. The first book takes place in a city based on various Morrocan
cities. Photoshop.

Outcasts of Jupiter, Sample page

A page and scene from the comic book Outcasts of Jupiter. Photoshop

Outcasts of Jupiter, Denarii Figure

A figure designed to accompany the comic. The final product is 3d printed and hand painted. Zbrush, 3d print

Ekologue Hover-Okada Joyride

Visual development for Ekologue. A pitch for an animated television show. Photoshop.

Ekologue Market Chase

Visual development for Ekologue. A pitch for an animated television show. Photoshop

Ekologue Super Eagles Score

Visual development for Ekologue. A pitch for an animated television show.Photoshop.

Light Sweet Crude, Costus Spectabilis

A cover image for a comic in development, Light, Sweet Crude. Photoshop.

DEEP, Roche

For the unreleased, animated show DEEP for Benthos Studios.Zbrush.

Personal sketch sculpts

Shof is so good that he did the above face sculptings during lunch hours at work while working at Sony Online Entertainment. Zbrush.

Now this is the lad behind these amazing art works.

Shof Coker, Coker Coop

tw: @CokerCoOp


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