Here’s our top new free android app list. We try to give you this updates to help you know the new and best apps to go for, and ones not to get.

1. BBM For Android

We certainly understand why this android app made this list on number one. Since RIM made public that the blackberry messenger application would go cross platform, that it would be available on android and iOS, the anticipation has been tremendous, but do not be fooled, this app is just a deliberate act by some developers to capitalize on that anticipation and public anxiety. Its a big scam. IT IS NOT THE REAL BBM (BLACKBERRY MESSENGER) APP.

Its actually Black Bluetooth Messenger, instead of blackberry  messenger. Already it has over 100,000 downloads. According to the high negative reviews, it has a lot of ads pop ups, full of spyware, doesnt even work. Dont even bother downloading it.


bbm for android android app

2. AIT TV Beta

This is the app for the widely known AIT TV broadcasting station, hoping to bring its news, shows, sports, current affairs, movies drama and soaps to your android device. It has over 10,000 downloads. This app according to the reviews has an ok rating, an needs great improvement. We are sure AIT can do better with an upgrade on the bugs and fixes. ait TV android app

3. Vanguard Nigerian Newspaper

This is a fan made app for one of the oldest and most preferred newspaper dailies in the country. Get daily, breaking news, information, and opinions in Nigeria and also around the world.  The app is still pretty new, but with 5,000 downloads, it soaring. Vanguard news nigeria-android app

4. Emmanuel TV

With this app you can stream  the Synagogue Church of all nations live on you android device. Here you can watch the amazing power of God manifest in the man named Pastor T.B Joshua. On it you can watch unedited miracles on their Sunday live services, Thursday, and Saturday services. Although we must mention that this is not an official but a fan made app. It gets a 3.1 star rating

emmanuel tv android app

5. Sun News Nigeria

If you love the sun, then you would love to have this app. It is not an official but a fan made app. The app brings you exciting daily news from the sun newspaper, and also brings to you its facebook and twitter feed. Try it and see whats up although it is yet to have much reviews.

sun news nigeria android app

6. RCCG TV  Dove Vision

Dove Vision is the TV ministry of Nigerias Largest and World fastest growing Pentecostal church,. The Redeem Christian Church Of God RCCG. This is a fan made app and it hopes to stream the great christian television.

RCCG TV Dove vision android app

7. Basket Mouth Jokes

This is an app for all basket mouth fans and enjoy his rib cracking jokes. it is a collection of videos, tweets, and pictures of the best jokes from Basketmouth a comedian by name Bright Okpocha. This is also fan made app. 5stars rating. Screenshot_2013-08-24-11-42-08

8. Brothers in arms

With over 100,000 downloads and counting. If you love war games, you would love this game. Yet the reviews are on the ok side. The game still needs fixing and upgrade as some users find it hard to control or move during game play. The graphic is not the best, but atleast you get to shoot something. We give it 3.1 star out of 5.   brothers in arms android app



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