I read Charles Chukwuma Soludos bomber on the Vanguard; Buhari Vs Jonathan Beyond the Elections and it was wowing. Ok, the truth was that I skimmed through, I didnt have the patience to read over 6,000 words and Im sure not many people did, perhaps they skimmed through like I did although I recognized the fact that there was a lot of pointers, facts, numbers that the civic need to be aware of. Before I continue here is an excerpt from the piece.

The presidential election next month will be won by either Buhari or Jonathan. For either, it is likely to be a pyrrhic victory. None of them will be able to deliver on the fantastic promises being made on the economy, and if oil prices remain below $60, I see very difficult months ahead, with possible heady collisions with labour, civil society, and indeed the citizenry. To be sure, the presidential election will not be decided by the quality of ‘issues’ or promises canvassed by the candidates.

My take is that more than 95% of the likely voters have pretty much made up their minds based largely on other considerations.

The tragedy of the current electioneering campaigns is that both parties are missing the golden opportunity to sensitize the citizenry about the enormous challenges ahead and hence mobilize them for the inevitable sacrifices they would be called upon to make soon. Each is promising an El-Dorado. Chukuwma Soludo

So as not to waste your time, here is an infographic that will visually communicate some of those facts and numbers to you. Listen and share.


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