‘Can You Hear Me’ Short Film – A Revenge Ad By Etisalat?


Two days ago, etisalat one of Nigerias top GSM network providers shared a very hilarious video commercial on their page, mocking another network provider whom we think we know. The video commercial came with the following message;“Share this with anyone you’ve ever heard say #canYouHearMe (watch the video to get the gist J ).

“Etisalat is committed to ensuring that our customers have the best. It’s been a long and challenging journey to delivering the levels of quality that have made us truly Nigeria’s best network, but it is a journey we are committed entirely to.

Every time you give us a shout out on our platforms, send us feedback, recommend our network to a friend – we feel most rewarded, honoured,

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You inspire us.” Thank you 9ja.

I’ve seen this video thrice now, and i laughed every single time, this is what i call revenge advertising, although quite creative. Many say its a pinch on MTN for the SAKA I DON PORT commercial, well… your guess is as good as mine. See video below.


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