Nigerian farmer

Reasons Why Farmers Do not Whine And You Shouldn’t Either

Despite new tools and more sophisticated technology, the formula for success looks a lot like it did thousands of years ago. Regardless of how...
Lagos hustler - nigeria

13 Reasons Why You Must Adopt The Hustler Mindset

To be called a hustler often comes with a negative connotation. Drug dealers hustle, cheaters hustle — and the guy who just snatched up your...
Blind Auditions

Why Blind Auditions Are Best For Companies Recruiting Talents

  Dylan Tweney editor-in-chief at Venture Beat on his Linkedin page yesterday wrote about why hes using blind auditions to recruit journalists for VentureBeat.  According to him,...
crowdfunding nigeria, crowd funding

Crowd Funding: An Untapped Alternative for Financing For Small Businesses

The challenge for the average entrepreneur at the early stage is usually financing to fund their business idea or start up. The banks won’t...

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