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Google the world’s biggest search engine and Technology Company continues to stay ahead of the game. I’m not talking technology now, no. I’m talking about the rate at which the lads at Google continue to churn out creative and interactive content.

Sometimes I wonder if these guys know nothing but play because they play with their creativity. Their work with the animated google doodles for a while now have shown that they are having nothing but fun, great fun.

In case you don’t know what Google Doodle is, it’s an artistic version of the Google logo and if you look at today’s Google doodle for example, its an animation where the doodle is watching football in merriment, on a big display screen in what seems like a conference room. But now here’s the interesting part; the doodles happen to quickly switch the TV display to a chart soon as their boss represented by a big ‘B’ wearing spectacles with a Mexican mustachio enters the scene and continues to walk past the room.

google doodle

And then soon as their boss is out of sight, the letter ‘e’ switches to the football station again and the doodles continue to be merry.

I’m poised to say this doodle is one of the best Google doodle to be created or perhaps it may fall into the top ten doodles ever. But then if one takes a journey back into Google’s doodles page to view a history of their innovation and interactive Google doodles, one would see gross creativity, fun, precision, playfulness and thus conclude that my earlier declarations were wrong.

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Over time Google’s doodle remembers important days in history, mark birthdays of great men and women from time immemorial with the doodle. And in the ongoing Fifa World Cup 2014, their participation has not gone unnoticed, from day to day are new interactive doodles.

Yesterday during the Fifa World Cup match between Nigeria and Bosnia, the Nigerian goal keeper Vincent Enyeama made so many remarkable saves that Google out of excitement honored him with a doodle. The thing about the doodle is that you instantly know what it means because it comes out in the nick of time.


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