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A year ago ex-Facebook and LinkedIn engineers who wanted to change the way people communicated with each other and got work done set out to end the unnecessary friction around communication and collaboration by killing “the work email.” Their thought was that the world deserved a better way to do business and shared products, armed with bootstrap funding Droptalk was born..

The idea, like many others that have come before, was to attack the “work email” problem not by reinventing the inbox, but offering better tools for sharing and communication so you didn’t have to rely on email much.

With Droptalk all your communications happened in the browser, tablet or phone, eliminating the need for emails. What’s more is anytime you updated your shared folders in the cloud, everyone else in the conversation could see the updated version and go directly to the document or link right in the very same thread.

Last week it was in the news that Drop has acquired this early-stage startup. What made the company appealing to Dropbox (besides, of course, the name!) was that in addition to its web sharing features, the tool also integrated with your cloud storage, so you could see during a conversation who was updating which files or adding files to a shared folder. Combined with a messaging-like interface and plans to take on mobile messaging with a cloud storage component, it’s easy to see why Droptalk may have had some appeal.


The Droptalk team ncludes serial entrepreneurs Rakesh Mathur and Ash Bhardwaj and CTO Anand Prakash who individually have had stints with companies like Amazon, Snapstick, Rovi, Webaroo, and LinkedIn.


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