Earlier this year, we told you that millionaire blogger Linda Ikeji announced that she set aside a 10 million naira grant to help young ladies with dreams, ambition and great business ideas to start their own small scale businesses. She has done as promise. According to her blog she has spent over N5million on 15 girls and has another N5million to give away before the end of the year.

In January Linda met with over 800 ladies and got a panel to look at their proposals, the 800 were then trimmed to 50 and then 15 of the girls got shortlisted. They are the first beneficiaries of the Linda Ikeji Id Rather Be Selfmade project. Below are 11 out of the 15 beneficiaries exemption of four girls who live outside Lagos and couldnt make it to their meeting on Sunday August 23rd.

linda ikeji grants for girls

Linda will also leverage her blog to boost these businesses she has given grants, she also stresses that the money is 100% hers as she wants to see what these young ladies would achieve with the N10million before getting others involved.

linda ikeji grants startup

Linda says she really wants more women to succeed and be more independent, she wants them to make their own money, and to stop sleeping with men for money, and she is willing to do everything including pumping in more money.


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