mtn and glo together in new media

Apparently it seems Glo launched their music streaming platform according to an article on ebimablog which dates back to May 7, 2014 but didn’t come up with an app until recently, a week after MTN launched theirs according to an article on Techcabal. The article tells us that Glo Total Entertainment is a mobile app that is supposed to give Glo subscribers access to a variety of video content, including sports, movie trailers, comedy, celebrity gossip, TV series and music videos.

Glo in many cases have been the first to introduce new products or business moves while MTN follows but does something differently, they shout it out so loud you’d think they were the first. This time its Glo playing catch up but coming with an all-in-one package and of course ‘the shout’


The news from last week says Telecom Giant MTN Dives Into The Music Streaming Business with new app called ‘Music+’. According to the article, MTN Music+ is a first stop for music access, to boost your music experience with its round-the-clock exciting way of music streamlining, music sharing, play-listing & more. It also made a bogus claim to be Nigeria Biggest Music Portal and that got me wondering about the likes of Notjustok, Tooxclusive, Iroking, Spinlet, Lasgiditunes, who have been in the business before them. But then if I look back at an article The First Step To Becoming King Is Declaring Yourself King, then I would say I understand the strategy in that claim.

More so it cited MTN as a telecom company, but a piece on a Nigerian tech blog Techcabal says differently, it states that MTN is now a ‘business’ company and no longer a telco and of course we can see this by the trail MTN is leaving behind when we look at its investment in music streaming Music+, cloud services, MTN XAAS,online movie streaming Dobox, MTN mobile ads and lets not forget MTN Play Store which also couldn’t over come Google Play Store.

I happened to be at a press release a few weeks ago by Lamudi real estate giant as their mobile app was being launched and I was taken aback when Obi Ejimofo, Lamudi’s executive director said Lamudi was owned by Millicom, Rocket Internet and MTN because I’d always thought it was just Millicom and AIH. Later I basically mentioned this to a friend who for some reasons said he couldn’t believe it. Now its very clear, MTN has long been undergoing a transition biting everything it can chew, from a telecommunications company to a business conglomerate providing technology, communications, financial solutions, entertainment, real estate and who knows what else, outdoor, eCommerce, fitness, navigation?

While this means good business for MTN, it doesn’t mean well for Nigerian startups who are already gaining traction and those still wrapped in huggies. MTN has more money, advertising power, user database which is in millions.With these MTN investments, no Nigerian startup in these sectors can ever compete.

It’s quite a competition for these two giants, MTN is looking to lock everything down and if Glo tows this line too, sooner than later, there would be nothing left.


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