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Tunde, 26, works in a bank, hasn’t had a girlfriend, at least not since his NYSC days where he hardly had anything to do for most days except fill the sign-in form at the Local Government where he served. His busiest days were on CDS days when he had to marshal traffic in an obscure town in Kogi.

A lot has changed since his service days and back in Lagos where he grew up and schooled, his new job was taking the toll on him. His day started at 4 am when he got up, and when he left his apartment roughly an hour later, he was hardly home before 10 pm. No thanks to the long hours of work, gruesome traffic and of course the ban on okadas. It wasn’t until he got to his untarred and unlit street that he remembered that he really hadn’t had anything to eat all day. Luckily for him, there were the Hausa guys who made noodles and egg just two blocks from his house. So for months, Tunde’s diet basically consisted of a quick bite of one pastry or another to go with a soft drink, noodles and the occasional half decent meals from the dingy restaurant a few minutes’ walk from his office.

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When he heard about Soup and Stew, not only was he excited, Tunde felt like he found something that had been missing from his life. Basically the guys at Soup and Stew simply had to take the order of what he wanted for the week, any of the wide varieties of Nigerian Soups, or Stew and sometimes both, served in 4 liter bowls with an assortment of pomo, dried fish, meat, and whatever it is he specially requested for and they made it readily available with free delivery. Now all he had to do was, boil rice or simply just make eba and he was good to go.

Tunde spent less on fast foods, during the weekends which was what he used to do, and believed his diet had become reasonably healthier since he signed on to Soup and Stew’s specially designed service. For a price of N5,000 for 4 liters of Soup or Stew, Tunde was certain he was on to a good deal, all he had to do was refrigerate his soup or stew, grateful that power was more stable in his area now than when he first moved in, and then depending on whether he was having rice or ‘swallow’ food was essentially ready in 30 minutes.

But of course Tunde isn’t the only one plagued with the dilemma of having to eat out in restaurants and fast food places, spending heavily on junk and never having to eat in the comfort of their home. So whether you are the very busy professional, and or entrepreneur, or you are simply not just kitchen friendly, whether you are male or female, Soups and Stew can hook you up quick time with the most amazing and delicious bowls of whatever it is you are craving, plus did I mention delivery is free anywhere in Lagos? Call 08038099081 or add up on BBM or contact on Twitter.


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