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With a successful background in FTSE 100 level companies in the UK, USA and Africa, Harry ’Tomi Davies (TD) is a recognized expert in the IT-led transformation of businesses.

He is the CEO of TVCLabs, a Technology Business Incubation Company based in Lagos, Nigeria and sits on the Boards of Sproxil, Baas Online Properties, MBO Capital, Strika Entertainment, TechnoVision Communications and PeoplePrime. His CV is really action packed; you can find many more about him on his website.

Aside from his corporate activities TD mentors individuals and advises organizations globally, writes his blog and maintains a significant network of connections, friends and followers on most of the major social media platforms. He is an accomplished public speaker whose goal of “maximizing the creation of social and economic value using digital technologies�?. I was so privileged to meet him by chance at Clique-Africa hangout, a social platform for Intrapreneurs and Entrepreneurs and so quick was I to jot down his wise and intellectual words, read from the next paragraph.

On Nigeria he started; “I have a very deep personal issue with the concept Nigeria. I wrote an article on my blog called ‘What are the Nigerian dream, and who our dreamers are?

It is a bit unfortunate that this generation lost the national anthem because the people who dreamt of the country called Nigeria actually left us with some finger prints. Upon investigation you will find this to be true, and it was encapsulated in the original national anthem and in that article I broke down what the Nigerian dream is, just like the American dream which is to have a job, a house, two cars, one and half children and a white picket fence.�?

“There is actually a promise for Nigeria, and that promise starts with; ‘O’ God of all creation’. It’s not the Christian God, It’s not the Muslim God, It’s not the Sango worshipers’ god, a God of all creations was implored to grant this our one request. So they recognized that God is in control of man and not man in control of God. ‘Help us to build a nation’, they also recognized that we still have to build it, it’s not there. Where no man is oppressed not one, not two. And that is the rule of law, we lost our way, and our generation did that.�?

“So on behalf of those of us who are over fifty, I apologize to those of you who are not because we messed it up big time. We were too busy being lascivious, bad mannered, ill–tempered, egoistic and pompous, and that is the Nigeria we have today, the one we have created, that is the one I am apologizing for. But having said all of that, here’s what I want to give you.�?

“How many people understand that a car has a bigger windshield than it does a rear view mirror? That the proportion of the windshield to the rear view mirror is exactly how you must look at life and live it because there is more ahead of you than there is more behind you.�?

“You must look behind every once in a while, but not more than that ratio. You tend to miss what is coming when you spend too much time looking at the past, because whether we like it or not, life is moving 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, that is the constant speed of life, and it will not change for you. The future is coming. The day you were born, you started the journey of one free trip around the sun every 365 days, it’s not optional?

“Therefore, I say to you, always start with the end in mind, choose the destination first. Go to the future, pick 5 years or 10, because no one can tell you what you can’t be, they can tell you what you are not today, but not tomorrow. If Obama had said 20 years ago that he would be president today wouldn’t they have laughed at him??

“So what stops you from doing so? This is why you ought to pick the destination you want, not the one everyone wants. Forget everybody else. The minute you have the destination clear in your mind, the whole universe spiritual and physical, start to conspire to bring it into your life?

TD mentions that he is part of a Lagos network, that make seed money available in order to help startups succeed because it’s the biggest challenge entrepreneurs have is finding money and investors. So long you have a great idea that is viable; they provide these things, including mentoring and guidance.

He says that what he does today is live his dream by empowering Nigerian youths of tomorrow. The question he asks is; are you living yours?


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