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Yesterday morning, press men from leading and influential media outlets gathered at Cafe Royale Etim Inyang Crescent, Victoria Island Lagos, for an exclusive unveiling of Lamudi’s Next Gobal Step…

A breakfast event held to mark the real estate giant’s next big step. Hosting the event was’s Managing Director Obi Ejimofo who informed pressmen of the new development;

“We have been on this project for a few months, we have looked at people coming to our platform and realized that there’s been an increasing number of people accessing our website from their mobile devices and so we decided to make this happen. We are one of 28 ventures all over the world, all launching today at the same time.”

This launch of Lamudi’s Android app in Nigeria comes after a successful roll out of the company’s iOS app in four countries the previous week. The iOS app for iPhones and iPads will be available in the Nigerian market later since the Android OS is the dominant mobile platform globally.

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Although over 52% of smartphones now run on Google’s operating system, Apple’s iOS is the world’s second most common platform, capturing 23% of the global smartphone market. Out of 56 million Nigerians surfing the net today, an estimated 20 million access the internet via mobile devices, thus making the launch of Lamudi’s app a very smart move. has been undergoing a lot of changes in the past few months. A while back it rolled out a journal to share insights in the real estate sector. “We don’t have just the listings, we have an ecosystem of content where we share advice and educate people on real estate/property law and best practices. Every article gets loads of hits with each grossing at at least 800-900 reads within three days and the very good thing is that these are people who are interested in the real estate market, so that is also good for us said Obi.”

He continues; “Four months ago, the questions I asked mostly were; what is our mark, does anyone know about us, how best do we serve our content? Because we make our money from people who market property, and they have great marketing strategies, what reason do we have for these people to come to us to help market their properties? Today I can say its just about doing all the little things and doing them well.”

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“When I joined at the end of February, we had around 6,000 listings, and today, this week, we have around 18,000. We have increased three times. And in terms of visitors to our website, in March it was around 4,000 visitors every week. But presently we are looking at around 18,000 weekly. Back in march 30% of people visited our website internationally, now that figure hangs between 20-25%. This is to say that we are having more people visiting our website locally.”

“We may be in property business but we are also in the online business, and this are two areas that have big issues with trust in Nigeria. We do not sell properties, what we do is we market properties and make those needs available so that people can go ahead, meet these agents in person, do their due diligence and then complete the transaction.Because at the end of the day, wherever you are in the world, you don’t buy property online and be done with it, there’s always a next step.

The brand continues to do the best for the real estate sector in not just in Nigeria but in Africa and the rest of the world. Last month it held a Pan African event to discuss the problems and future of real estate in Africa.

The Lamudi brand is owned by MTNMillicomm,and Rocket Internet. Presently it has over 400,000 property listings worldwide.


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