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They say many Nigerian graduates are not employable, you will beg to differ until you have gone through rigorous and time wasting recruitment process of trying to get the right person for the job.

Take this 4 cases.
Case 1: A media company needs to recruit staff for a target driven role; we need you to get us 2.5 milion naira in sales by the end of the month the company says. Now during the recruitment process, 70% of the interviewees did not properly research the company so as to get in depth knowledge. When asked,  one says I think  the company does. another says the company is into.. but the look on his face shows hes not even sure.

These are the kind of individuals firms see everyday at interviews, and at some point a firm desperate to fill the role takes on a staff with no track achievements but promises that the goal can be achieved. A month later, there is no result, no money, and the firm has no choice but to pay that same staff who in his first 2 weeks became complacent  on the job, waits to be spoon fed rather than hit the ground running as promised. The staff who has continued to murmur on how some things are not achievable for a company that is looking to disrupt the market due to their uncanny approach and model. Didnt he see these things when he was applying for the job?

Case 2: After the interview process, this same company finds another individual who promises heaven if employed. Now the company is skeptical about this move since the other recruited individual  has produced nothing. Now the company starts thinking; if this individual can do this, why is she waiting to be officially employed.
Now if I was this particular individual I would request a form of identification and agreement with the company to get a certain percentage of any job I pull in plus my salary. But if Im not able to get anything by the months end, I get nothing.

You see if one thinks this way, it gives one wings to fly, because the thought of not getting anything becomes your nightmare, for one its either all or nothing thus making one go all out. But on the other hand, if you are sure you will get paid whether you meet your goal or not, then subconsciously there is no real ginger to achieve it.

Case 3: A digital company looks to employ a content developer and during the recruitment process comes across an individual who is awaiting youth service. Now this individual says is shes willing to learn a few things but has developed great content in the past. So they give her the benefit of the doubt and then proceed with the second stage of the recruitment where shes to develop a trial content, the exact type the firm needs. And on the day of this trials,the individual refuses to proceed unless shes told of the other benefits the job attracts.

Its right to demand for what is ours yes? But what is wrong with this? Over confidence. This is the problem  with many Nigerians today. We boast of what we can do even when we have done nothing, we boast of the big things we have done even though they are actually little. In many cases we over assume that we are bigger than certain things and are over confident when in truth we are far below it. For this lad, that was the end of the interview.

Case 4: A young lady looks to work in a broadcasting corporation. It is her dream job she says to a friend of a friend of hers named Esiab. She tells him that she has been told she must have a background in broadcasting or she cant get that dream job. Now Esiab thinks for a moment and then comes up with an idea. He says to her; If you are really good at this, then damn all the things people tell you and go all out, start Vlogging. Youtube is free and you have a smart phone with a front camera, so get on with it. Broadcast onto your phones camera capitalizing on the latest trends. Share your opinion clearly albeit being creative. If you are able to get upto 20 videos onto youtube, share it with friends on social media and a few months youll be a youtube star and if you still want to work for a broadcasting corporation, those videos are your CV, no employer would turn you down seeing your youtube hits and viewership. Because by then you wont be saying to them I can do it,  youll be saying I have done it, you will be more than the next individual with a paper resume.

Now as easy and great as this idea sounds, not many people will do this, 70% will rather sit at home and continue peddling their resumes to employers just like the rest of a thousand other people applying for the same job albeit walloping in despondent poordom. In todays Nigeria, young  individuals have become lazy, they wait till theres an office seat, I.D card and promise of salary before they actually hit the ground running and prove their worth. They have become complacent and prefer to be spoon fed. As an emerging economy, as long we continue to think in this way, many will remain jobless, hungry and useless and this does not help the nations GDP.


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