Women & social media
Today’s social media landscape is dominated by women. Not only do women use social media more frequently, but they’re also more engaged than men on social media sites. Women are more likely to comment on social media content, show support for brands online and access special offers from online brands.

These are very interesting trends, especially to internet marketers who develop digital marketing strategies.

Women Are Drawn to the Visual and Mobile Web

Modern social media is becoming driven by visuals. More women are active on the highly visual social network Instagram than men, and the same can be said for both Tumblr and Pinterest. Pinterest is especially noteworthy in that 80% of its user base is women, and the site drives 20% of social media referrals to commerce sites.

Among social networks in general, people use their mobile devices for social networking 65% of the time, according to Mashable. Women lead this trend in mobile social media use in that they are more likely to use a smartphone or a tablet PC for social media activity. For this reason Web designers and social media managers should make sure the content they create for social media has been optimized for both PCs and mobile devices.

Men Are Still Dominant on LinkedIn and Google+

There are still some social networks where men are in the majority. For example, 24% of men online use LinkedIn compared to 19% of women. Men also make up 63% of active users on the site. On Google+, too, the majority (64%) of users are male. Interestingly both LinkedIn and Google+ are social networks that are less about sharing (“giving”) and more about networking and discovering (“receiving”). This sheds light on what motivates men vs. women to use social media, although user surveys in this area could provide more reliable information.

So when it comes to social media, it really seems to be a woman’s world. Men who work as social mediaprofessionals may find themselves trying to get in touch with their feminine side in order to get the results they’re looking for.

Shareable Facts and Stats

  • 58% of women consume news via social media compared to 42% of men 
  • 32% of women use tablet PCs for social media vs. 20% of men
  • 76% of women online use Facebook compared to 66% of men 
  • Twitter is the most gender-neutral social network, with 18% of women online using it and 17% of men 

    • 30% of women access social media multiple times per day compared to 26% of men



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