Online Food And Grocery Delivery Startups In Nigeria
Just like fashion, electronics & gadgets, and cab services, the food delivery sector is one that is earning a massive compensation as the work place continues to become demanding with an everyday increase stress due to heavy traffic.

Food is one commodity that will continue to be in demand so long living beings continue to walk this earth and as such the potentials of investors making a high clean-out are very high and would continue to be so, for where there is food, there is money, and investors follow the money especially.

Two months ago when I did a count on the food delivery startups in Nigeria that I knew of, I did not get more than five. Fast forward to this present day, and online food delivery startups are all over the place, many starting out from Lagos and then expanding to other states.

Some let you buy groceries online through a network of connected marts, some avail you take away or ready-to-eat food via tons of restaurants, others actually ask you what you want and then help you go to the market to buy them. We live in interesting times I must tell you.

About three to four of them have been launched in the past few months thereby populating my list just as I needed. It should be worthy of note that most of these platforms have been launching with the tag Nigerias first, premier or largest online food ordering/delivery service or gorcery store, a bogus claim that has always baffled me for if everyone is number one, who then is number two, three and so on?

Anyways heres a list of notable ones I could find.

1. NaijaEats: Is a simple and express solution to order takeaway food online. You can order breakfast, lunch or dinner from all your favorite restaurants on this platform.

2. TheKitchen:  Is an online food store that is dedicated to delivering delicious healthy and already cooked meals. The platform makes planning and holding a catered event easy.

3. MHQstore:  This store promises to make it convenient for you by delivering not just food items alone but other quality products and services in perfect condition and on on time.

4. Easy Appetite: Formerly Lazy Appetite, the “grub-hub” connects you to the best restaurants, pizza houses and fast-food outlets serving your location; further bridging the gap between you and your food. Easy lets you recommend meals to friends.

5. Gloo:  This online store promises to deliver a wide variety of high quality brands of supermarket goods direct to the doorsteps of her clients on a same-day basis and at very affordable prices .

6. Gingerbox: Formerly know as Jaramall, offered a wide range of food items, but after re-branding to Gingerbox, it decided to focus on delivering fruits for offices only.

7. CityChops: An online food ordering service that allows customers to choose from a variety of restaurants in Lagos and order meals for pick up or delivery.

8. Hellofood: This online platform boasts of a staggering selection of restaurants around the city for users to choose from. Hellofood lets you pay for your food at delivery with no extra-charge.

9. Supermartng: Customers can order from multiple stores and can select what time they want it delivered. Where other companies deliver in days, this online mart promises to deliver in hours.

10. Foodstantly: Aside delivering ready to eat meals from various restaurants, this marketplace enables food vendors; restaurant owners, caterers, farmers and set up shop and sell online.

11. Efoodmart: Like other online grocery shops sells all types of groceries with major focus on the Nigerian local foodstuffs , it also touts an e-Restaurant where you can order all sorts of food for group meetings, events or gatherings at delivery fee of just 500 naira only with minimum order of 3,000 naira.

Its nice to see many individuals join this food hustle, I am very positive that there will be more by the next six months to a year, the question that remains is which, which and which of them would survive the next 3 years? I make no guesses, but you can.

Image Credit: midamericangrp 


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