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Compiling this startups’ list was quite a back-aching, wrist-cramping & quite tedious one but it also got me to high spirits, made me connect somehow to the SUPER GIFTED individuals who are busy all day & all night plundering the supreme-realms for ideas, writing endless strings of code-lines, crafting uncanny designs in their minds and on their devices, reforming thought forms, pondering what CAN be, not knowing what they were capable of doing or what they would do next but also knowing they could do just ANYTHING, all they needed was just to imagine it.

I’d played a waiting game on this piece from the last days of the beautiful year past into this awesome new year. Braced with the blown fact that I would have to visit all their pages to see the stuff they are all made of, while my fingers dances denge with the Ctrl+Home Prt Sc. Finally I could stall the piece no more for my hands ached already even before I started.

Another reason I waited was to get wind of more startups’ to add to the piece. I got many startup names, but those you see here had their websites available as at the time of the denge dancing. More so let me state clearly that the startups are listed in no particular order, there is no number one or number last.


According to, you can purchase any item from any of your favored stores, through a variety of mediums aboard the platform whose idea is to make everything as easy as possible. They guarantee you a stress-free shopping experience just like the kick of a ball, kick, chill and watch it roll. Very cool.

500SHOPS, startups in Nigeria, startup Africa


The challenges involved in running an online store is quite a humongous one, most times one even loses focus on the product itself and other things business, but with 500Shops, it becomes ridiculously easy for businesses to setup and run an eCommerce store. In other words you can own an eCommerce store and still be on a ‘chilling pee’.


TUTOR.NG, startups in Nigeria, startup Africa

Tutor.NG is an Online Tutoring Platform providing tools for engaging and teaching learners and students. Just about time when students are finding it hard to stay put in their lecture rooms.. lol..Their aim is to give users a place to learn anything, teach anything, and collaborate any time, anywhere. This would have been a great tool during the ASUU strike, no need for lecture room, just learn or teach from your crib. SWEET!!!

TOPUP GENIE, startups in Nigeria, startup Africa

Topupgenie helps get airtime delivered to your phone in six seconds or less anywhere any time and you can recharge as many phones with just a click. Ain’t that incredibly fast? Funny, they don’t even charge you for convenience. The exact price of airtime you pay for is what you get, instanta.

HOTELS.NG, startups in Nigeria, startup Africa

Perhaps you find yourself in a new town and need a hotel to sleep in, is the platform to log on to. With over 5,0800 listed hotels spread all across towns and cities in Nigeria, finding a hotel in a strange land has become a walk in the park.


YELLOW NAVIGATION, startups in Nigeria, startup Africa

Yellow Navigation allows you the convenience of booking for a bus from anywhere, on your mobile device or PC.  The platform lets you book in advance for a ride,and also lets you choose a route with time and date. No more going to the bus stops or rushing to queue, na sempe tins now.



openletters, startups in Nigeria, startup Africa is a not-for-profit document archive. They aim to archive letters and documents written from time immemorial which properly contextualizes issues to the public. The archive hopes to be an academic resource which impacts more on the fabrication of knowledge for research essays,thesis or term papers and even litigation and transparency purposes. Presently the boast of over 100 open letters.


CART.COM.NG, startups in Nigeria, startup Africa

With, consumers and shoppers can discover the very best of shops with the most affordable price from the leading stores in Nigeria which are featured monthly. For those of us who like to get good bargains, this is na awa bus stop.



techcabal, startups in Nigeria, startup Africa

Techcabal is a fascinating tech-blog that does things differently. Here you will find a no-holds-barred tech talk, weekly round up of what’s interesting around the ecosystem, the maverick Lord Banks who is the convener calls it – an assorted salad of news, opinion and quick analysis, but I think its all of that and something more, ‘cos Once you log on, you cant just log off.



prepclass, startups in Nigeria, startup Africa

All jambitos will find PrepClass fascinating for it provides an online platform which hosts educational materials relevant to local exams and institutions. Currently they offer content on UME and POST UME but are fast expanding to other local exams.

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tranzit nigeria tech startup

Tranzit is a free web/mobile enabled transportation and delivery service.  It assists in locating interesting places and events based on your location. Tranzit puts us close to licensed, vetted transportation and delivery pickup service. For drivers, Tranzit helps with access to more passengers so they can make cool money. Cool stuff



grumi, startups in Nigeria, startup Africa is a new music playroom set up with the aim of simplifying the manner of accessing new music, grooming the best upcoming musicians into becoming superstars while giving the audience a platform to access free music with ease and no obligations and a new conversational user inter-phase. Grumi equals Fast one click downloads, immerse conversations and dope internet radio.

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RESOURCEDAT, startups in Nigeria, startup Africa

From government publications, to education, and legal tender, Resourcedat boasts Nigeria’s First Document & Data Sharing Platform with the largest archive of Documents with thousands of resources in its Repository.


VACANTBOARDS, startups in Nigeria, startup Africa

VacantBoards aims to solve the problem of outdoor advertising in Nigeria by providing an inventory and access to outdoor spaces. They Specialize in both traditional and digital out-of-home media. Our online platform is dual purpose. With VB, agencies, brands and local businesses can discover and effectively utilize outdoor advertising options offered by numerous operators. Allowing operators publicize and lease out their advert spaces while promoting real-time interaction with prospective clients.



Taskit, startups in Nigeria, startup Africa

When groups of people are busy and don´t have time to accomplish all their daily tasks, all they need do is log on to TASKIT and dive in. is a marketplace which connects people with much work to do, and people with no or less work to do. It also provides independent people with skills with a new means of earning.


mymusic nigeria, startups in Nigeria, startup Africa is an ambitious startups’ aiming to be the major online distribution channel for Nigerian music. Tagged  Nigeria’s iTunes by CNN, the new digital service is focused on providing an easy and affordable way for music fans to access their favorite songs, which are often hard to find in one place.



skillsmix, startups in Nigeria, startup Africa

When you have lots of projects and tight deadlines, is an online outsourcing solution for you. They boast a secure online search and social tool which assists you in sourcing the right freelance skilled worker for your projects.


ORIN , startups in Nigeria, startup Africa

Orin just as the name means in Yoruba is music. Its actually a music app that believes relevant music should be accessible and are trying to make that happen by building a community of passionate fans in the process. Orin is all about enabling artists to do what they love and providing fans with an inspiring selection of music. Orin of life.



easytaxi , startups in Nigeria, startup Africa

With EasyTaxi smartphone app, users can whistle up a licensed taxi in just one click. The app seeks to create efficiency in the Nigerian transportation network by bringing business innovation to the country’s urban transportation challenge.



geniigames , startups in Nigeria, startup Africa

Genii Games is the parent entity behind Àsà; a range of mobile applications built around African cultural contents such as languages, folktales, etiquette and aimed at promoting, preserving, stimulation of interest towards the African culture in its richness. Oluronbi and African folktales seems of great interest to me.



prowork, startups in Nigeria, startup Africa

Prowork is a platform that enables real time collaboration, anywhere and anytime, allowing team members to stay on top of what’s happening on their projects. Sit back & watch your productivity improve. Share files, chat, add notes and get instant update notifications.


MALIYO GAMES , startups in Nigeria, startup Africa

From Tribes, to Adanma, Aboki Okada et al, one would say MALIYOGAMES have done a good job with their narratives, characters, environments and sounds so as to bring us fun and indigenous stuff we can easily relate with.

These are all great ideas, which I know will get bigger this year 2014 which promises endless possibilities. I shall continue to kip my ears to the walls of the ecosystem, I promise you tales of more startups soon.


God Bless!


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