how to keep new year resolutions

Though memories of my childhood are vague, one thing I can’t forget in a rush is hearing adults bicker about making New Year resolutions. They wear it on their necks on New Year’s Eve like a Hawaiian Leis which eventually loses its freshness some days afterwards.

We are about to witness a New Year again filled with promises. Take time to skim through these popular New Year resolutions ideas & how to keep them.

1. I Want To Get Married Next Year…Then Draw Closer To God.

Most women get this all wrong. The issue is first they get married, give birth to a couple of kids & then most surly, run into challenges with their marital life & extended family.

90% of the advice they get from the older generation is for them to draw closer to God.

“In the first place, God is the perfect match maker & if you don’t consult Him before you get settled, you are bound to be unsettled.”

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Men mostly pray to marry a God – fearing lady not just the regular church/mosque goer. Practising your faith more will help you locate the right partner.

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2. I Want To Expand My Business…Then Recruit A Team To Help Me Grow.

After years of successfully running a small business with modest earnings, your New Year resolution is to expand your frontiers, grow your clientèle base & market to more customers; good!

“A smart move is to find your competitor & cajole him/her to partner with you while you expand.”

Doing this, you both can garner more force to make a bolder statement in the coming year. Think about it.

3. I Want To Get Into A New Relationship…Then Forget My Ex

Human beings are vengeful animals. It is natural to dislike your ex who played games with your heart in the past, so in reprisal you �?crash party’ into a new relationship just to get even regardless of your unhealed emotions.

“If you truly loved your ex, then you should gracefully let go because he/she wasn’t meant for you.”

A perfect transition into a new relationship is healthy when you burn the �?ship’ of your failed relationship.

Always remember to carry along with you lessons learned & an antidote should in-case you face a similar situation again.

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4. I Want To Advance In My Entertainment Career…Then Quit My Habits.

Judging from the recent boom in the film & music industry, it is clear that Africans are highly talented. New acts spring up in a twinkle of an eye & before you can say �?Rexx-Uberfresh’, you hear they’ve done the dannest of things.

“Most critics out there are waiting for you to attain the slightest lime light before they shoot you down using social media.”

In a society where gossip, scandal & flamboyant lifestyle is publicly celebrated, the end result is what we see now.

Its best you curb or totally quit those ugly habits you won’t feel comfortable telling your momma.


5. I Want To Reduce The Size Of My Belly & Waistline…Then I Will Eat Healthy

A common New Year’s resolution might be to starve yourself, visit a gym regularly or ritualistic drink herbal tea in the wee hours of the morning in a bid to cut down excess fat.

You don’t have to.

“Eating the right food at the right time, going to bed before the stroke of midnight & cheerful giving can improve your body metabolism quicker than any traditional method.”

Eating healthy, getting regular sleep with moderate indoor exercise, a reduced extroverted lifestyle & other work – life balance ideas are perfect for anyone who wants to lose weight.


6. I Want To Work For My Employer For One More Year…Then Pursue My Dreams

This is like trying to catch your shadow at midday.

“Each step you take towards it pushes it a step further away from you.”

You don’t have to wait till you are laid off from work before thinking up a business plan. Do it now!

How to keep New Year resolutions solely depends on the individual.

Happy New Year 2018 In Advance!!!


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