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In this 21st century, the most lucrative business(on a large scale) after petroleum and IT/telecoms it is agribusiness, the need to feed and be fed dawns many other needs and in third world countries.

As random as it may seem, I did not stumble across a barrister and fall in love with time, it was a motivated pre-planned scheme that I had let to brew for ages. I had dated animal scientist (still couldn’t tame me),engineers,  geologists, brokers etc yet I couldn’t stray too far from a wig. Sometime in august 2010, I took a recess off relationships, started a business of mine and plotted a scheme to know which genre would match my personality.

I wouldn’t bore you with the details of how I met her…..just maybe I should; her mum was my guardian in my first year in high school and naturally we did not talk even though we had many reasons to. I did not see her until 16 years later after I left the school her mum taught in, we had hooked up on Facebook and arranged a meet. All fell into place from there. She had just finished her LLb. In Nigeria Law school and was preparing for her one year long compulsory National service….well that’s the WIG

Actually I stumbled on agriculture by fate and chance, I enrolled for a diploma in computer science at the Prestigious University of Agriculture, Abeokuta in Nigeria expecting to move to a degree course in computer science and study a new found hobby in software development and somehow, I was listed in a different department with similar confusing acronyms (CSC for computer science, CPT for crop protection), I would be stuck in a strange department for the next four years and slowly stirred up my love for agriculture. I majored as a plant biotechnologist…….well that’s the HOE

In this 21st century, the most lucrative business(on a large scale) after petroleum and IT/telecoms it is agribusiness, the need to feed and be fed dawns many other needs and in third world countries, it is a major struggle to make it sustainable, anyone with a good plan and huge amount of money(and government affiliation) you are bound to succeed in the world of agribusiness(from pre-production, production, transportation, processing to sales).

Like I always say, agribusiness is a goldmine with a surrounding mine field, but its rewards supersedes its risks in a 1:100 and that’s investable by all standards. The Hoes (not. The popular slang slandering feminism) are out again, agriculture is the new oil boom and a foreseeable future cannot be ignored.

But the risks of agriculture (as do any other sector) comes with heavy lawsuits and expensive quality control. Even from the paperwork of obtaining lands for agriculture to ordering machineries from abroad, human rights, contracts and affiliation with government and corporate bodies etc the works of the 21st century Lawyers go way beyond criminal litigation and writing drafts. They are imbibed with skills to fit into any sector and ministry in the country. This is exciting especially when both the ambitious hoes and the cautious wig are one, either as a company or as a couple. Take a time out to think about the prospects??

At the end of the day, it’s the job of good barristers and farmers to make we all and our investor friends filthy rich (Always remember that).

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Is a highly skilled multi-genre writer, IT professional, SME consultant and fashion savvy graduate of Agriculture and MBA (agribusiness). He is also a former employee Of The World Bank. A freelance writer for many blogs and websites as well as the owner of AnQ-àrá( a top notch fashion house). He shares un-reluctantly his drive, escapades and experiences he has gathered over the years. Adetayo is curently a business strategist for Gordon Barrett.


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