Special Collection Inspired By a Phrase Coined From a Verse in the Holy Bible, ‘Honour Thy Father’

LAGOS, NIGERIA, OCTOBER 27th, 2015 – Twizzle Frisky, foremost start – up clothing and branding company has launched its year-end apparel line inspired by a phrase coined from the Holy Bible, ‘Honour Thy Father’. “Our team began designing everything from scratch, taking concepts from Roman Catholic identity and its symbols. The designs are modern, and edgy, drawing inspirations from local street – wise appeal and freestyle fashion”, says brand co – founder, Obinna.

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Twizzle Frisky is a combination of ‘Twizzle’, entrepreneur, designer and brand support consultant, Obijiaku Obinna K. (Instagram @twizzlefrisky) and Ms Frisky, entrepreneur and super model, Obijiaku Uju L. (Instagram @msfrisky). Together they form the name, and the concept of the brand. Twizzle Frisky is a start-up clothing and branding company that produces trendy apparel for that fashion conscious individual; a day at the beach, fun at a party or just a walk in the hot sun, a Twizzle Frisky t – shirt sets you apart.


“Twizzle Frisky began as a way to create customized clothing that didn’t exist…and something that I really wanted to wear and feel unique in. The concept of the inspirational words is a way to spread positive vibes in our already tense
communities, promote love, peaceful coexistence and provide encouragement through the inspiring words in a fashionable and casual way. The apparel and accessories can be worn with the best designers jeans and leg gears,” says Obinna.


While researching the fabrics, and fits, we refused to make a single compromise. Twizzle Frisky had to collaborate with long time rapper/model Eberechukwu Joseph to come up with a promotional video commercial for the collection


Twizzle Frisky uses flock, heat transfer and screen print inks; and our obsession with the perfect fit and highest quality durable fabrics led us to crafting a collection which has a wide street appeal and is aesthetically striking. We achieved this feat using the highest levels of artisan craftsmanship found in Lagos, Nigeria.

Twizzle Frisky’s Honour Thy Father collection is comprised of: t – shirts, dress tops, sweat shirts and snapback caps. The shirts are prefect to rock ‘any-given-Sunday’.

Please check out the entire collection at: Twizzle Frisky

Contact Details:
Twizzle Frisky
08179853786, 08063917836
Instagram: Twizzle Frisky
BBM Channel: C00478888
Facebook Page: Twizzle Frisky
Twitter: @twizzlefrisky


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