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It’s a Doctor in your pocket, Femi Kuti talks Free Health App

Our guest this week on the Break Digit Show is Dr. Femi Kuti, (not the singer) founder of

Femi, a Doctor and investment banker thought Nigerians were so used to self-medication, falls prey to quack doctors, while some (my category) will not visit the hospital on time, but will rather nurse little ailment(s) till it becomes bigger and more a complicated health issue and in most cases, these issues would have been salvaged if proper medical decisions were reached on time.

With all of these in mind He Launched to help Nigerians reach quick medical and health decisions to live a healthier and happier life.

Femi mentioned that Kangpe play host to over 200 doctors in different specialty, from Dentist, Surgeon to ophthalmologist etc, in his words he said “kangpe covers any health issues that you might have, we have generalist (gps), we also have specialist, we have hear doctors, pretty much any doctor that has a specialty in Nigeria we have them on the platform”.

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And the good thing is, the doctors live in all states in Nigeria and treats your questions within 5 minutes.

He revealed that every Doctor on the site is screened and their certificates checked to make sure that only genuine Doctors are allowed access on the site.

Before having him on the show, I registered and send different requests to doctors on Kangpe and also visited my trusted doctor friends with same request and I found that I got almost the same answers which I think it’s pretty cool.

Visiting the site alone will make you feel healthier inside, from the smiles on the pictures of the doctors and the users whom I assumed just got her answers, you will know of a truth that you now have doctors inside your pocket.

You really wish to be in my shoes right now, sitting with amazing entrepreneurs to discuss great ideas every week, don’t run away, hear the story from the (horses) founders mouth – Tune in!


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