Buhari, Baba-While-You-Were-Gone Hashtag

General Muhammadu Buhari, the  presidential candidate of the All Progressives Congress (APC), on Friday returned to Nigeria on a British Airways flight from London, after almost 10 days in London for a campaign break.  In what seems like a twist, the Nigerian twitter as it is fondly called has gone berserk with a trending hashtag #Babawhileyouweregone.

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Here are some hilarious stuff from fun loving Nigerians who never like to miss a good moment for laughs.

#BabaWhileYouWereGone Baba OBJ assembled a New Set of Super Eagles Team pic.twitter.com/7hOrjt6ccz

#BabaWhileYouWereGone Mr Chia that normally calls u “Quarter to Go” died at d age of 46. We wished him R.I.P pic.twitter.com/RH9SRYkGaO

#BabaWhileYouWereGone Adamu Muazu blamed APC for fuel scarcity and later blamed his IT team for saying his mind.

#BabaWhileYouWereGone Sheyi Shay caused a presidential erection (pun not intended) pic.twitter.com/QdLWhKM7St

#BabaWhileYouWereGone GEJ told the yooths that Nigeria was no.4 on the list of highest polio cases & they clapped. pic.twitter.com/ljTHRPZtq5

#BabaWhileYouWereGone Nigeria became a state in Chad. Our new president is badass pic.twitter.com/GEaOyhn3df


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