gt bank send money to wrong person - what to do gtbank simple money error

Users of the Gtbank mobile app continue to report transaction errors. Just a few weeks ago, a lady updated her Facebook status saying  that money she sent to a recipient correctly ended up with another and upon complaining to GTBank, she was asked to file a suit in court.

Today, just a few minutes ago, another individual, a Facebook friend of mine Kayode Muyibi updated his status with the following; “Don’t use the gtb mobile app. It’s buggy. It sends money to the wrong person. Just happened to me”.

When it comes to online transactions, Guarantee Trust Bank are the most trust worthy, its funny, but I personal feel very awkward sending money to accounts that are not GTB. This feeling is about to be tainted by uncertainty and insecurity because one cannot work hard for money only to try to send it to his loved ones and it ends up in a wrong account. There are dubious people everywhere.

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I know a thing about one’s money ending up in accounts of people who either deny that the money isn’t there or refuse to the send it back out rightly. Two years ago in Awka Anambra State, ANIDS Motor Park  by UNIZIK junction, one early morning I needed to be in Lagos before noon, and not being able to find a working Diamond bank ATM machine to withdraw my transportation, I asked a friend to do a transfer to my GTBank via online. The money was transferred to the account of the ANIDS bus park chairman who was in charge of taking the fares. My friend called minutes later to ask if he’d received the money but the park chairman said ‘no’ he hadn’t.

30 minutes later he still kept saying he hadn’t received a credit alert,  I became suspicious of him and as God had it, another friend was travelling that same morning, so my fare was paid. I got to Lagos, weeks after, the man kept saying he has checked his account so many times and has received no money on that regard. I filed complaints to his bank, Access bank, I was told that his account was credited immediately the transfer was made.

Why was this man, perhaps in his 50s, whom I had so much respect for be in denial? I concluded he was dubious, I asked Access bank what would happen next, and I was told I could either file a law suit or get the man to admit that he had received my money, and then willingly send it back to me. The matter was not with GTBank the sender, but Access the receiver. Despite all my calls to this man, he never admitted to having received the money even though I had empirical evidence it was sitting right in his account.

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So GTBank better gets on top of this issue, because they are about to loose their customers, me inclusive. The good thing is that according to Kayode Muyibi, the person who received the money due to the bug in the GTbank app has assured him the money will be sent right back to him by Monday, lucky guy.


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