Elliot Dawes and Adam Rossiter, Bulk Powders
Founded by Elliot Dawes and Adam Rossiter, BULK POWDERS™ and Cheap UK Supplements supply a wide range of good quality sports nutrition supplements, including premium whey proteinLaunched in 2005 and 2004 respectively, both companies thrived despite the recession and have grown to a multi-million pound turnover, offering the lowest prices on the market for premium products to a cash strapped nation.

Elliot and Adam met at Essex University. Although both were proficient tennis players, Elliot had previously been ranked no.1 junior player in Surrey and also enjoyed sporting success as captain of the U18 London Irish and had trials at Chelsea Football Club. At Essex University to read law, he met computer science student Adam on the University tennis team. They began to become more involved with the gym and the sports nutrition that accompanies it, and within three years they’d identified a gap in the market through their own issues with ordering supplements, and began their first business, Cheap UK Supplements.

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Cheap UK Supplements had just a £5k start-up fund – £3k of which was borrowed from their parents, and the other £2k came from a bank overdraft. The company experienced profits early on which Adam and Elliot invested back into the company.

BULK POWDERS™ followed Cheap UK Supplements just 1 year later, but this was own brand, manufactured in house.  Elliot and Adam saw that with declining margins across the key inputs, the only way to match quality and still maintain low prices was to build their own brand and sell direct.  Naturally, this brought many challenges but during the following years they quickly came to understand the associated processes. In parallel, they also learnt the difference between buying and selling and building a brand.  “With Cheap UK Supplements it was about trading – seeing where you could make money,” says Elliot.  “But with BULK POWDERS™ we quickly learnt it wasn’t about us.  It was about engaging with customers and putting them at the centre of everything we did.”  Central to this has always been the primacy of good customer service.  “Anyone can entice a customer once,” adds Adam.

The friends and co-founders claim to have never had an argument in the nine years they have been working together. They have instead sought to listen to and quickly respond to consumer demands, and offer premium products at great value. This ethos has been behind the business from day one, and has seen the business grow from just the two of them to employing 30 people. Their team of staff share in Adam and Elliot’s strong work ethic, passion and drive for customer satisfaction and quality products.

After 9 years of successful trading, the co-founders made the bold decision to re-brand BULK POWDERS™, a decision which saw the packaging changing to reflect the quality of the product inside. This re-brand was a major step for the business, and has been a huge success with their customers.

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Both Adam and Elliot have worked relentlessly to make both businesses a success, with their passion towards each driving them forward. This hard work has rewarded the entrepreneurs with rapid growth of both businesses and an increase in profit year on year. For two university students with a hobby, to a £10 million turnover, Adam and Elliot have achieved so much in such a short space of time. And at the rate BULK POWDERS™ is growing there’s much more to come.


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