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I remember the California Gold Rush of the 18th century which was sparked by James Wilson Marshalls discovery of gold while constructing a saw mill along the American River northeast of present-day Sacramento. That discovery caused a stir which ignited the gold rush to California. Now fast forward 2012-2014, and gold lovers are swarming to Yabacon Valley the heart of the Nigerian technology ecosystem for Gold.

Its the same trend all over again, except this time its in the African Startup scene which for a while has been playing hand, and has got investors swimming down in shoals looking for products or ideas where they can put their money into, and guess what, they find it.

In the past two years, incubators have been popping up everywhere especially in Yabacon Valley with the belief that the gold in form of talent and startups should be fostered and not left to the squall of wind & rain. Now enters a new group of prospective prospectors known as Passion Incubator. Its is said they are made up of highly knowledgeable faculty, experienced entrepreneurs and mentors with the know-how of building a sustainable business.

It is also said that they aim to provide fund raising, business model and product development support to help shift the dreams of these talented individuals from surreality into reality. With these resources, the startups can grow fast and success attained in due time.

According to their website, they are open to a wide array of entrepreneurs, anyone with a clear business idea that solves a large scale problem will be considered. They (Passion Incubator), will build the initial versions (Minimum Viable Product) for each founder team; enabling the founder teams focus on business development early so their startups can quickly gain traction.

To achieve their aim, Passion provides 5 key elements,

Basic entrepreneurship training

Product development

Work space

VC Funding connection


So if you got some cool technology product or idea and need support to grow it, Passion may be the right incubator to help blow your concept to commercially viability.  Get accelerated now.


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