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Not sure what to cook? Not sure of how to cook? Then meals from Nigeria app can be of great help. Its a collection of popular recipes in Nigeria, so there’s sure to be something tempting for you to cook. The app consists of different variety of dishes in Nigeria – local and continental.

Recipes from Nigeria, meals from nigeria

Recipes from Nigeria app is the best tool to help you in cooking delicious meals. Get the best of Nigerian and African food. More recipes coming for other countries in Africa.

Recipes from Nigeria is a collection of some of Nigeria’s favorite recipes covering most of it’s ethnic groups. The app gives the average person an opportunity to prepare great local meals from Nigeria. The unique selling point and what differentiates its from other apps is its simplistic design and little dependence on internet connection.

From Banga Soup (Ofe Akwu), Bitter leaf, Nsala soup to Edikang Ikong, the collections makes one salivate. The content of each meal in the collection comprises of a preparation time, summary, ingredients, cooking directions and even how to serve. Talk more of instant meal on your mobile.

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The interesting part is that a catalog of food all ready is downloaded with the application and doesn’t require frequent use of data. New content is pushed to the app if available but the developers have ensured the user already has a lot of recipes to choose from after the initial download. The app is data friendly and users are already loving it.

You can download the Android app here.



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