Do you own a startup or are you considering the idea of launching your biz any time soon? Is the thought of the recurring huge cost that comes with getting a brick and mortar location in Abuja from whence clients can interface with your business giving you sleepless nights? Well, worry not thyself any longer as there are solutions adapted for people like you.

Well, if you have been around the startup ecosystem, the term “Co-working Space” should ring a bell.

However, if it sounds strange, feel free to journey with us.


What is a Co-working Space?

Co-working spaces are facilities that allow you or individuals from different companies or businesses to share a common office space. This is very important for businesses in highbrow cities like Abuja and the likes where the cost of securing a traditional office space cost a fortune.

Normative users of these facilities are mostly telecommuters, independent contractors or freelancers as they are popularly known, and other self-employed individuals.


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Common Features of Co-working spaces

co-working spaces generally provide independent workers or cross-functional team members with facilities, services, and equipment they may not be able to afford on their own. Some of the features include the following:

· Furnished office spaces and conference rooms;

· Copiers, and Printers;

· Internet Services;

· Parking spaces;

· Lounges, cafeterias, kitchens and bathrooms; and

· Unhindered access (24/7 in most cases).

You can enjoy all of the above and more at very affordable rates, and the payment plans could either be monthly or annually.

Why you Should get a Co-working Space

One of the major benefits you would enjoy from a co-working space is cutting down on the cost of operating a business.


However, some other two key benefits that come with it includes:

Improved Professional Networking

The exposure to a host of other professionals with whom your business can enjoy some level of inter-dependency or collaborations. It is an enriching learning experience when you meet with myriads of professionals from diverse backgrounds.


In a co-working space, there is no imposition of strict rules: you get to work at your pace and will without having to deal with the pressure that is peculiar to the traditional office set up. You are also afforded the liberty of exchanging ideas with creative minds for free or on a cheap.

Some of the best co-working spaces in Abuja:

Savvy Instant Offices

This is a preferred choice for you if you are desirous of a readily available functional office with cutting-edge IT and communications technology at its best.



Aiivon Innovation Hub

Aiivon offers excellent workspaces specially adapted for self-employed, startups, and companies. Its trademark is the professional feel of the in-vogue office furniture and high-speed internet connectivity.



Box Office Incubator

For an efficient and inspiring office space set up with the latest technology, this is a place you would want to settle for.



Smart Office

For sociable co-working spaces offering the best of payment flexibility in the city of Abuja, this is a place to be.




This is an excellent location in the heart of the city of Abuja with modern furnishing and efficient working co-working spaces.


If you are in the city of Abuja, the above co-working spaces will provide you with all the necessary comfort and needs for the smooth running of your business.



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