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Verge Nigeria

Most retail businesses are plagued by thefts, from the missing of an item to several and then eventually a whole lump of cash or goods. Most business owners worry about this plague and as such are always at the fore of their businesses to keep an eagle eye on it all with hope that someday there could just be a business solution to their retail problems for good.


Most retail businesses  are not run by their owners but sales or stand-in staff who kip the business moving while the owners are busy on some other agenda or they are outside the country. Some of the owners end up finding cash or some other inappropriate balances in their stock or sales books with their businesses upside down. These may not have occurred were they to have had a way of monitoring their businesses in real time without actually being there.

This is where Verge comes in, as a business owner all you just need do is integrate your business with the platform, take a trip, relax and get yourself soaked in the steamy waters of the Blue Lagoon, outside of Reykjavík, Iceland, stay in a luxury hut over the clear aqua waters of the Maldive Islands or perhaps party in the edgy underground clubs of Berlin, Germany. Whatever it is you do, wherever you are, be it half way across the world, Verge keeps you rest assured that your business is safe.

What is Verge

Verge is a fully scale SaaS Business Intelligence solution aimed at giving business owners full control and insight into the operations of their entire business process and chain.

What is their Goal

Verge provides insights and helps manage the entire business process while subtracting daily bottlenecks that most businesses encounter. Verge not only generates detailed reports of transactions but are set to generate predictive analysis of potential growth trends the business is expected to encounter at any given period. “We are trying to get into markets a lot of others are not bothering about, like the Alaba Int’l Market, Ladipo Market e.t.c, With the help of Microsoft and two other data providers we will ensure these markets have the right hardware and data to foster this service” says Francis Usifo co-founder of Verge.

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Verge allows you  get rich analytic of your business performance as well as detailed reports on every core aspect of your business, with Verge reporting you can; Compare the performance of all your outlets, Understand the performance of all your products, personnel, outlets, Understand the purchase pattern of your clients e.t.c.

Verve Reduces Pilfering by over 80%

Verge’s built in audit trail, transaction notification and reporting framework ensures that stealing of inventory and pilfering is reduced to the barest minimum while also ensuring that all sales transaction are recorded and accounted for.

Rich Customer Purchase History & Analytic

Verge makes understanding and tailoring your product/service offerings to each of your clients/customer simply a few clicks away. it also allows you to tailor discounts, special offerings e.t.c based on the purchase pattern of the client/customer.

Sensitizing customers on the need to always collect their receipts and offering of incentives, e.g through loyalty programmes can help cajole customers into revealing more about themselves. Francis emphasized the need for business owners to know more about their customers. He cited the case of ‘Starbucks’ where regular customers have coffee cups with their name on it. He further stressed that shoppers don’t go to malls or big marts for nothing other than the sweet shopping experience therein. For businesses to grow bigger he said, the owners need to know more about their shoppers; what items they like to buy, how they buy (in bulk or single), when they buy, e.t.c. Thus by knowing the shopping frequency of every shopper, the services and experience will be tailored to suit them better.

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Verge will be among the startups exhibiting at Retail World Africa this month in South Africa, a world retail conference where the enabling technologies behind payment innovation is showcased for your customers to evaluate, buy and ultimately improve their business. Francis says for them it will be a great opportunity to network share experiences, meet potential investors, signup potential customers and see what other guys are doing in the retails space.

Francis says the platform is in Beta stage now and they are keeping it limited so as to get feed backs and refine the service but hopefully by April they’ll go live.

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